Cracking WIFI Passwords – Step by Step Guide with Kali Linux and

In this video I show how to crack WIFI passwords using Kali Linux to collect .cap files and cloud compute service to quickly crack them with Hashcat

Kali Linux –

Vast AI –

I have tried to make this as simple as possible. Even if you’re not familiar with Linux, you should be able to follow this guide.

For simplicity, I have done this entire tutorial from a live USB Kali Linux image, although it’s certainly possible to do much of this from a Windows OS as well (after obtaining the .cap file)

Please excuse any spelling/grammar mistakes in the video. I wrote this as a plain txt document and Libre Office didn’t want to spell check for me for some reason. Anyways, there’s probably mistakes I didn’t catch (I grew up reliant on spell check).


The network I crack in this tutorial belongs to me. I set the password of the network ahead of time and connected a few devices to it for the purpose of this video. I do not condone using this tutorial to crack into networks that do not belong to you, or that you do not have explicit permission to pentest.